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VentureSocially: A Funding Adventure

Published 04/17/2012 and rated Ratingstars4 4 out of 5 stars
by Robyn Valenzuela
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What can you use the app for?

VentureSocially is an online community for entrepreneurs to pitch their projects and to find investors. The application offers a robust set of features aimed at helping causes to develop their pitch and to make their project the most successful. Through the application, users can create their venture pitch through an intuitive pitch editing tool. Users can also upload their pitch video or pitch presentation to their VentureSocially page. VentureSocially makes it easy for investors to search through and to connect to the projects that speak the most to them.The application also offers a number of reporting and analytical tools for its users to review to gauge the success of their project. Also, investors can bid on projects through the application and the project owners can consider the investor's offer and weigh their options. VentureSocially can also integrate with Facebook and Twitter so users can promote their projects through these two social networking giants as well, and direct traffic to their well-organized and turn-key VentureSocially page.

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What is the history and popularity of the app? considers itself a site that was make by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. They are a group of computer programmers and business professionals who have come together to create a resource that makes managing startups easy! VentureSocially only offers the platform that connects entrepreneurs to investors and they do not offer any of the additional legal resources needed to solidify that connection. However they do plan to offer such comprehensive services at a future point in time. The site was founded in September 2010 and they are based out of California in the United States.

What are the differences to other apps?

VentureSocially is not only a platform to connect investors to entrepreneurs, but it is also a toolbox for entrepreneurs to follow a tested and true method for presenting their ideas. Many creative people are not fluent in the things that investors need to see in order to be sold on a concept. Surely the creators bring the passion for their idea, but how do they effectively express this? This is the basis for the VentureSocially application. For them it is all about developing the pitch. The site plans to add additional resources needed in the complex startup process such as legal services and more, however, at this time they are simply the mechanism by which entrepreneurs can develop their idea and investors can find them.

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How does the web app look and feel to use?

The website is well-designed and the color schemes and execution of the site is good. There is a tour available on the homepage so visual users can quickly "see" what the site is all about. Otherwise, the main features are listed next to cute icons on the homepage itself. The sign-up process and functionality of the site are excellent. Since the application guides users through the process of creating a pitch, this is an excellent resource for budding entrepreneurs who have yet to master the art of the start-up sales pitch.

How does the registration process work?

Registering for a VentureSocially account is easy enough. New users simply go to the VentureSocially 'Join' page. From there they can register by synchronizing with their favorite social networking account. VentureSocially sign up process supports Twitter, Facebook, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn or AOL. From there users can develop new ideas or browse through existing ones to discover something to bid on.

What does it cost to use the application?

As of March 2012, the site is free in its beta version. Although there is nothing clearly stated, it is possible that the VentureSocially team may charge for some of its future services later on.

Who would you recommend the application to?

VentureSocially is a great application for a creative, young entrepreneur who is looking for a template for pitching their idea. While experienced start-up professionals are probably fluent at this, VentureSocially is aimed at the new and perhaps less-experience venture. It also offers a solid platform for connecting investors to projects.

  • VentureSocially offers a platform for entrepreneurs to show off their project
  • Users can add a video venture pitch
  • VentureSocially makes it easy to make contacts
  • Users can also post profiles about themselves, their background and their talents to further promote their project

VentureSocially video

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